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Happiness is.....

I remember when I was young, Charles Schultz did a 'Peanuts' book about happiness. I recall the ending being this--"Happiness is a warm puppy."

Yes, puppies are wonderful, and I am very happy to have a small dog in my life...but seriously, there is a lot to happiness that I never really knew. I never really understood that part of being happy is being in agreement. If it isn't mutual, I am much less happy. When my sweetie is happy, life is much sweeter--and much happier. Another thing I never really recognized before is that happiness is really pretty simple.

When my world is simple, I'm pretty happy. The more the complication level goes up, the lower my happiness meter goes. As I get older, I look for ways to simplify things. I combine steps in recipes, I ask for help more, I organize better... whatever it takes to make things easier, I'll do it. I've even got the kids trying to find easier ways of doing things.

I am going to make a poster, and put it up in my living room. It's only going to say two things.


1) Simpler is better...
2) Work smarter, not harder.

Yep. In the end, all I want to do is share my secrets to happiness-----simplicity & serendipity. Everything else seems to fall into place when those two conditions get met.

I truly hope somebody gets something out of this. Be blessed!

Still loving Kansas.

Well, I've been here about six weeks now. I am still totally in love with the countryside, and my Wolf becomes more dear to me every day. My children are adjusting nicely, and everything is beginning to settle into a nice comfortable routine. I am happier than I have ever been, and I am well satisfied that coming here was a good decision. I feel really good.

Now...if the knee surgery would just hurry up and be over.....


Fucking knee hurts like hell. My wolf took me to the doctor the other day, and he thinks I tore another ligament. Fuck! If I've torn a lateral as well as the anterior cruciate, it will mean surgery. Just what i want. Another damn summer on crutches. WHEN will I learn to watch where I'm walking.

It's a good day!

I love it when a plan comes together! Summer school for both kids is all set up. Yay!!!

Now I can stop worrying about gaps between the programs.

Welcome to Kansas

I am so glad the relocation effort is done. The majority of the boxes are unpacked, and my wolf is wonderful! I love my new life!

My sweet baby and me

New friends are heralding big changes in my life. 

I met this wonderful man on line in October. We chatted a few times, and then chatted a few more times. We commented on each others journals occasionally, then commented regularly.  Very soon we were chatting every evening.  It wasn't long and we were spending the majority of every day on line together. 

Next came the phone calls, and talking to each others' kids.  His voice gave me shivers, and he was so nice, and kind to my kiddos.  I fell in love with his kids pretty quickly too.  After a few months of steady chatting, and numerous phone calls, we decided to meet.

This was no small undertaking, as he lives in Kansas, and I live in Texas.  A plan was made for Spring Break.  My kiddos and i loaded ourselves into the fully loaded car, and off we went on the open road.  About 15 hours later...there we were on his doorstep.  I watched his feet as he came out of the house, down the steps and toward the car.  I glanced up into his eyes, and in the space of a singl beat, lost my heart. He took it into his own, and folded it up there safely.

I was very tired, and felt very grimy.  My daughter had been car sick a few hours earlier, and he was very sympathetic.  He loaded her into one bathroom for a shower, and took me to the other.  He made sure we both had what we needed, and sat and waited for me in the next room.  A more perfect gentleman was never seen.  That first evening, his kindness and consideration were boundless.  I felt pampered and spoiled already.

This nice man spent a whole ten days ushering me all over town, cooking for me, entertaining me, watching movies with me, playing with me, and our kids.  It was the most wonderful vacation I had ever taken. I was so sad to see it end. 

After some discussion, paperwork was filled out, and proceedings begun for it to be longer.  I am going to relocate.  There are many reasons for me to do it.  But I wouldn't have if it weren't for his kindness and caring.  I am looking forward with great anticipation to spending a lot of time with this sweet man.

I am so thankful to have met him.  



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